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At Pacific Wind Sailing Co.TM our mission is to help you maximize your enjoyment sailing your beach cat.  We all have limited time and resources, but we still want great recreational opportunities that fit our busy lives.  Sailing is the perfect answer for personal and family fun.  Our team is developing great products that make sailing more comfortable, more convenient, and give you more control on the water.


For example, our Pacific WingsTM wing seats for the Hobie 16 get you up and out of the spray or puddle on the tramp and set you high up in seated comfort.  Just think, a dry ride and no more cramped legs!  They also get your center of gravity farther outbound for better stability and speed.  Plus you now have convenient drink holders and somewhere to lash additional items, such as oars, snacks or a ditty bag.  Find out more about our Pacific Wings designed for the Hobie 16.
We have other products in development, too, including our innovative upate to the classic Polynesian sail rig.  This rig can be set up by one person in about six minutes and allows instant reefing for great control.  Stay tuned for more on this and other great products. 

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